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ZX Members... I recently replaced my head lights on my 2005 ZX12R using DDM Tuning's 4500K HID Kit. DDM Tuning generally does not include wiring instructions from what I've gathered. After failing miserably to find a informative install thread I decided to make a simple diagram to help other members in the future. (The images below were from my truck install, though I used the same wiring schematics for my DDM Tuning 4500K H4 Motorcycle Hi/Low beam kit.) DDM Tuning.com

* Note: If you have a dual headlight ie. ZX12R then you'll want to purchase the 2 headlight 2 ballast kit. The single motorcycle kit will ONLY come with 1 bulb and ballast.

For my application the DDM Tuning Kit was completely "plug and play" with the addition of a few ground and hot wires. DDM Tuning's Hi/Low Beam kit WILL come with everything needed to complete the install, however they do offer a separate wiring harness for $9.99 that includes a relay to prevent potential electrical damage due to smaller electrical wiring. Basically how the relay harness works is the bike power turns on from the key, runs through the relay further sending power to your headlights rather than the initial jolt for lack of better words straight to the HID ballast once the bike is started. For only $9.99 I figured I'd order the additional harness more or less as cheap insurance. Again, the harness IS NOT necessary though I'd recommend it. Pictured below I've included images to hopefully guide you as examples when you install your DDM Tuning kit using solely the Hi/Low harness that is included with the kit, and also adding the optional harness should you go that route as well.

Shown below: How HID bulb connects to DDM ballast.

Shown below: Wire diagram using only the Hi/Low Harness that's included with the kit (using only one bulb/ballast solely for picture, your kit will include 2 bulbs 2 ballasts).

Shown below: Wire diagram using the Hi/Low Harness supplied with the kit with the addition of the optional relay harness.

* Note: Due to physical space on your bike, you may need to shorten wires to allow enough fitment for harness, ballasts, etc...
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