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I saw this and thought it was an interesting thread topic...chime on in:

Just need to get this off my chest because it's been building up:

Ever since that stupid MotoGP commentator kept commentating on how much of an advantage Dani Pedrosa's weight is, has crossed over to every person's lips and threads involving Dani's performance.

Dani's fast because he's got a weight advantage

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. And everyone in their motherfreakin'alaska adopted this stupid opinion.

I will say this, on a LLLLLOOOONNNNGGGG straight away I believe it does SLIGHTLY come to play but most of Dani's passes are in the turns and late braking, not in the straight aways.

So, if he's got such a weight advantage why aren't the other MotoGP riders who weigh in less than Nickey Hayden or Rossi in the leading pack or on the podium? Hmm???

Yeah, it doesn't have anything to do with his talents or skills but his weight advantage....hahaha

Here's another:

Having less weight to transition from side to side helps.

WTF??? Why hasn't this helped me overcome that fat bastard in the front?

Now it helps to transition the bike, and before it helped him rocket that bike down the straight away, then the next thing people are going to say is it places less stress on the tires making it last longer.

We know that's not the truth but here's the truth:

1) Dani's weight is not an advantage but a disadvantage. Why? Just look at his launch. Because of his feather weight he has a harder time keeping the nose on the ground during launch and coming out of the corner.

2) It is not easier to transition from side to side. I believe it's the same when centrifugal forces are in play. I could be wrong. Experts please shed some light.

But I'll tell you one thing, my friend who weighs 100 lbs more has an eaiser time transitioning than I do. It must be me, but if my weight is such an advantage why am I struggling? Maybe because it's not my weight but ME!!!!

Again, why hasn't the other MotoGP riders who weigh just as less benefited from their weight advantage over Rossi & co.? Take Shinya Nakano for example. Guy weighs 7 kg more than Dani Pedrosa, and 11 kg less than Nickey Hayden. Yet you don't see him passing up Nickey or the top 5 riders and making it on the podium this year. And the guy's obviously talented and skilled but no podium. Where's the weight advantage?

If anything, Dani's weight is a disadvantage not an advantage especially in the MotoGP 990cc class.

People are just trying to find an excuse as to why he's so good, and beating the veterans.
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