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This is a very unique ZX7R, built last fall and over the winter so everything is new. Better than a stock ZX-7RR....it's got all the good bits!
FCR Flatslides (39mm)
Carbon Fiber Airbox
Ohlins shock
Billet Brembo front calipers
Brembo Radial front master
Brembo Radial clutch master
Danmoto Rear-sets
Billet triple clamps
Braided lines front and back
Aluminum RR fuel tank
Body Double bodywork (same as Don Monroe's superbike back in the day!)
F&R new brake pads
Titanium linkage bolts & caliper bolts
Akrapovich exhaust
Aluminum front and rear axles
New Dunlop Q3 plus tires
Cast front rotors
Lightened and balanced 791 Stroker crank
JE Forged pistons
Ported head
OEM Slipper clutch
Iridium spark plugs

Frame and Wheels were professionally powder coated. All new bearings (swingarm, head and wheels).
Whole bike is new!! Fresh oil in shock and forks.

Many spares included!
Wheels, tank, bodywork, fiberglass airbox, OEM airbox, rearsets.....on and on!

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Interesting build. A few things are confusing.

- That looks like a Chinese clone Akra can. What pipe is with it?

- Are you sure those calipers are billet? That design looks like the early Ducati OEM cast ones.

- Nice OEM M model tank. Too bad the mis-matched colors.

- No kickstand will be difficult for many on a street bike.

- Are those early ZX9R forks? It's great that they are adjustable, but they are very long compared to a P model.

- Who makes the triple? Does the headset lock still work?

- Are they OEM N carbs (41 mm)? You can easily tell if they are OEM because they have two accelerator pumps on bowls. 39s are very rare on Ps. If they truly are non-OEM 39s, are they Factory Works or Sudco. Sudco's are missing one fuel circuit.

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Part of the draw of the RR is the fact that it is exclusive.

Thanks for coming and using our forum as your one-time advertising forum.

These types of posters should be banned. They bring nothing to the forum.

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Not an RR. Simply a modded up P model with big claims. I will take my stock N over the parts bin thrown at a bike. ZX9 forks add what to the bike? Few questions asked by knowledgeable member (57x), never answered. His Kijiji post has been taken down and he hasn’t replied here. BAN him! LOL
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