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Just sold my bike ('98 ZX11) and the new owner didn't want the seat so since I have no use for it....I am offering it for sale.

The good: It is in good shape (no rips or tears), very serviceable, not even broken in yet (the padding is in great condition) and the leather is still very supple and soft.

The bad: Has cosmetic blems (wear marks and the Corbin tag is faded)....looks like the previous owner left the seat (bike) out in the rain or rode it in the rain.

If your more interested in the comfort and not concerned about the cosmetic this would be perfect for you. It's "NOT" a horrible/damaged seat....it just has flaws and I wanted to be up-front about condition.

The comfort of this seat compared to the stock in just unbelievable (night/day difference). One could ride for days (not hours) in comfort with this saddle. Also fits both the rider and passenger much much better than the stock seat.

One long trip would pay for itself.

Located in NE Ohio (Cleveland). Potential buyer(s) are more than welcomed to come and see it.

Photos to follow a day or so later. I tried loading some pics but with the size limitations on the forum it is better to just ask me to send the pics via email.

Thanks for looking!

$175 OBO
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