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Ok guys parting a 04 zx10 that has a ton of 06-07 parts on it. Bike is complete also have another running motor with no generator or stator with 12000 miles on it. If you need somethin u don't see ask. All prices are obo and DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING.
Gen 2 gauge cluster with speedo healer for a 04-05 all wiring is finished for the cluster swap its a direct plug and play speedo healer is new want to keep together. SOLD SOLD SOLD
Gen 1 swing ARM with Adams 6-9 blocks welded in very nice arm. SOLD SOLD SOLD
Gen 2 Headlight all tabs good nice shape SOLD SOLD SOLD
Gen 1 sub frame nice shape SOLD SOLD SOLD
Gen 2 sub frame nice shape SOLD SOLD SOLD
Gen 1 complete rear sets with shifted brake pedal freshly powder coated semi gloss black. SOLD SOLD SOLD
Gen 1 full muzzy exhaust good shape mid mount one dent in exhaust can SOLD SOLD SOLD
Gen 2 muzzy m10 full exhaust SOLD SOLD SOLD
Both exhausts fit either gen as I have fit both on my gen 1
Gen 1 Motor missing generator and stator also took off the clutch cover and clutch components has 12000 about 12,000. SOLD SOLD SOLD
Gen 1 Motor missing clutch components runs good never could get my clutch to work in her but runs perfect. SOLD SOLD SOLD
Gen 2 full fairings in good shape each lower may have some slight shaving to fit a gen 1 but look nice mounted all tabs intact upper had a few cracks repaired very nicely done one mid has had a tab repaired. Some are painted red some are in primer. SOLD SOLD SOLD
Full lock set with 1 key SOLD SOLD SOLD
Will be adding more parts ASAP with pics to come. Dissesembly will begin tomorrow.
I have plenty of refs on other forums including caraudio.com/forums zx-10.net caraudioclassifieds.org and many others all under same name

1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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