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The following is my personal dealings with GRINDAZ INC. LLC.

Back in May, I was involved in a tumble in the parking lot of a local
corner store. According to the insurance agency, I sustained $5,300
damage to my bike. A 2006 Kawasaki ZX-1400. The entire right hand side
was scratched and had some broken pieces. I started trolling Ebay and
other sites for replacement plastics. I have had a friend that used
the plastics from Hong Kong and was considering a set from there. But
as luck would have it, I stumbled across the ad of Grindazinc, stating
that they would paint a complete set of FACTORY fairings including a
gas tank. There was a note on their Ebay item saying to check out
their website, and to call to inquire about their free helmet offer.
I did call, I spoke to Ron. He told me to get the free helmet the
purchace needed to be outside of Ebay as they take a percentage of the
purchase price. I have sold stuff on Ebay before and know this to be
true. So, we talked about paint. I told him that I wanted something
that said 'Viper.' He said he knew what I was talking about, and sent
me a pic of a kawasaki zx14 that had been tricked out to look like a
Dodge Viper. I told him that was almost exactacly what I wanted. I
told him that I wanted it in House of Kolor Cortez Blue Black Pearl,
with 2 racing stripes in Orion Silver Metallic. And that the fins on
the side panels to be accented in the same Orion Silver. He agreed.
Since the 'free helmet' they offer is a Vega (which I have purchased
in the past and know they don't fit me), he took off $50 from the
selling price. We agreed on a price of $2250.00. He made up an
invoice and sent it to me.
I checked out his website to see reviews and other sets he had done.
His web site stated that their paint sets were 'Show Quality.' I was
pleased with some of the sets that he had displayed on the site. So, I
agreed and sent him the money via PayPal. I spoke to him again, and he
told me it would take about 30 days to get the parts painted and to my
I had time to wait, so while I was at Wal-Mart, I happened to find
some duct tape that was the exact same colors (Red/Black) as my bike.
I purchased a roll of each. When I got home, I put the duct tape to
work, covering the panels that were damaged. Now at least, when I
wasn't looking for damage, it was hard to notice (and the bike
wouldn't fall apart during my 100 mile/day commute).
This is where my 'feel good' story ends. After 2 weeks, I emailed for
an update, he replied the next day, saying "another 1-2 weeks and the
set will be out the door" (this was June 2nd, 2011). 8 days later, he
emailed stating he'd have pics with cortez blue sent to me the next
day, with the set being complete the next week. On June 14th, 20th and
25th he emailed me some pictures of total 4 pieces. Saying he'd have
finished pics 'this week.' As you can see, it's already been 2 weeks
longer than he promised.... Just keep reading, it gets better (worse).
I emailed back on the 26th, saying they looked good, and inquired if
we were waiting on the clear coat. He replied on the 27th saying
"Correct, Get them nice and glassy then out the door. I will get that
to you this week." On July 5th, (10 days later) he sent me pictures
of the entire set. I noted that one of the pieces which should have
had stripes, didn't. I brought this to his attention on the 7th. On
the 11th, he replied that he indeed did not have a bike, but painted
the stripes by measuring from center. I replied the same day stating
that I could get a friend in his area to bring a bike by to get the
stripes lined up. He declined by emailing me on the 12th saying "we
got it taken care of. Will have pics tomorrow." After 3 days, I
emailed him on the 15th asking him about the pictures. He replied on
the 17th saying "tail piece done will email you pics tomorrow, set
ships wed will email you tracking wed. Oh yes, we are now 2 months
into this. We're still not done... Monday July 18th, he did send a
picture of the tail section with the stripes on it. I didn't reply. I
was just waiting for Wednesday July 20th to get the shipping info, I
was getting excited about seeing the set in person and getting it on
my bike! Well... Saturday the 23rd, I email him, asking him what was
going on, as I hadn't heard anything from him. He emailed me on the
24th, saying "set should be to you thurs/friday." No tracking info,
nothing.. Well Thursday came, and finally at 10pm he emailed me,
saying he'd have the tracking info for me the next day. (remember from
above, the set should have ARRIVED by then.) I emailed him back at
1130pm that same night and pointed this out to him, and told him to
call me first thing in the morning, and provided my cell # just in
case he had lost it. Well Friday morning came and went, with no word,
I tried to call his cell, and work #'s, no answer. Later that night I
received an email with a tracking #. I checked the tracking # and
realized that he had just barely shipped it that very same day! I
didn't respond... August 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 10th, I received another
tracking # each day.. Meaning the last box was shipped 3 months after
initial purchase, and 2 months later than originally promised. But

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The first shippment that arrived had damage on the front fender. I
emailed him just before 9pm on Aug 10th. Stating that I had called his
cell, called his work, left multiple messages, and that he was
conviently ignoring them and that I wanted him to call me IMMEDIATELY,
again, providing my # in case he'd lost it. He emailed me back about
1030 that night, claiming to have been extremely busy, and was just
now getting my messages. He actually had the gall to tell me that he
deals with about 30 customers at any given time, and that he would
call me the next morning. Now, I'm not an angry person by nature, but
seriously? If you are a business owner, you know a thing or 2 about
customer service. You don't wait days, or even weeks to return calls
or emails. If you are a business man, you check your email DAILY, rain
or shine, in town, out of town, healthy or sick. Or... You pay someone
to do it for you! (personal rant over) Well, tomorrow (Aug 11th)
came, at 9pm, I emailed him "reminding" him that he was supposed to
have called me, which he didn't. I told him that there was damage and
I needed to file a claim with UPS. Nothing came of that. As the other
boxes arrived, I opened them, expecting the 'Show Quality' paint set
that I had ordered. I was sorely disappointed. On Aug 13th, I emailed
him a .zip file of all the pieces that had bad paint problems
(scratches, bubbles, chipped paint, over spray, and debris under the
clear) and to top it all off, the rear tail piece that he 'took care
of', had the stripes misaligned by a quarter inch. It didn't line up!
I waited for a reply. Finally 7 days later, on Aug 21st, he replied to
me, he gave me the song and dance about having multiple clients and
that he needed time to respond to my concerns, said he forwared the
pictures I took to his 'claims' department as this looked like they
only needed 'minor touchup', and that he'd call me on Tuesday (this
was Sunday). I was livid, I replied to him on the 22nd, I told him how
I got a call back within hours when I first called to place an order,
and his 'minor touch-up' comment.... 14 of 16 pieces had major
blemishes, most of which were under the clear coat. I was prepaired to
let him have a piece of my mind.. I waited for the call he promised on
Tuseday... Instead of a call, I got an email, he asked for more
pictures, again stated that he was based on 'customer satisfaction'
and that he was getting the 'final word' from his claims dept
tomorrow. Can you see how this is going?
I got a Professional Photographer to come to my house and take
pictures of the flaws in the pieces and emailed them to him on Sept
4th. He emailed me back on Sept 6th saying he'd submit them and get
back to me within 48 hours. Well, 96 hours later (4 days) I emailed
him, irrate, reminding him how long 48 hours was, and that I gave him
extra time in case he was backlogged (benefit of the doubt - heh heh).
This was on the 10th. On the 13th, I emailed him, all it said was,
'it's been over a week...' The next morning he shoots me an email
telling me to pack them up and return them to a residential address.
That same morning, I replied to his email asking him to call me. On
the morning of the next day (15th), I emailed him back, stating that
because he didn't call me, I'd address my concerns via email. I stated
that shipping 14 pieces back would be expensive if shipped with the
propper padding, and since the problem was his to begin with, he
should provide me with shipping lables on his dime. I made a proposal
to him, that he let me take them to a reputable local shop to repair
the blemishes and provide him with the quote, and he could reimburse
me the amount it would cost to repair them. I reminded him that I had
paid for them in May, it was now September, sending them back, getting
them fixed, then shipped back to me would be mid November SIX MONTHS
after my inital order. I waited for a reply. 4 days later on the 19th
he replied, asking me to pack and ship them to him, and provide a scan
of the shipping receipt and he would reimburse me for the shipping
cost. Within 1 hour of getting his email, I emailed him back stating
to call me so we could discuss this ASAP! and again provided my cell
#. After 2 weeks I emailed him on Oct 2nd, stating very plainly that
he needed to call me, not email, call. And again provided my number.
There was no reply.
That evening, I contacted my Credit Card company I used to make
payment, and started the Charge Back paperwork. The Credit Card
company contacted PayPal and they immediately pulled the funds from
his account to hold until the dispute was resolved. The next morning I
received a very frantic phone call from Ron. He was flustered because
the reversal put his paypal account into negative, and freezing his
online business. I had a laugh and told him, 'It is very easy for you
to ignore people and problems when it's their money and time that are
on the line, but now that YOUR money and business are now on the line,
your customer service seems to be a priority. I told him I'd draw up a
contract, which will be heavily weighted in my favor, stating times
and monitary compensation. He, of course, refused to sign it. From
that point on, I was content with letting my Credit Card company
handle the problems. He emailed me 4 more times, in the last one, he
made a final attempt to get me to return the set and have him fix the
mistakes in the set, even offered to pay for $50 in packing materials
on top of shipping cost. I still ignored these, I let PayPal and my CC
company handle it. On Dec 1st, I returned his set to him at the
request of my CC company. Now it's the end of December, I have
received my refund from PayPal, and he has the set that he tried to
sell to me listed on Ebay for $2300.
I also want to note that today is the 24th of Feb, 2012. The person found it in their heart to refund me $216 of the $500 it cost to return the item to them.
I urge everyone in the strongest possible terms to NEVER do any
business with this guy. His paint is shoddy, It literally looked like
it was done in the garage of a house. There is no professional work
done at all. I've seen better solid color paint jobs by my friends
with rattle cans. This guy is a sham, a con artist. And, doing some
research, He was based in south Florida but moved to Georgia, There
are accounts of Grindaz Inc. having bad reviews from S. Florida.

Remember, This was my personal experience and my opinions. I have
photos, and the email trail. Anyone that is interested can PM me and
I'll make an attempt to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Grindaz Custom Paint

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Please REPOST this on EVERY Forum you are a member of!

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Jesus dude, ever heard of paragraphs?

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Although a lot of B.S. for you, it looks like in the end Grindaz was the one that ended up getting screwed, not that it wasn't well deserved...

If he can't deliver on his promises then he got what he should have. I like to hear these sorts of stories where everything has happy ending. I'm glad PayPal worked out with you. I disputed a ebay auction where I never got my order and I never got my money back and PayPal just said oh well.

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Let me get this straight.

You own a ZX14, you actually admit to shopping at WAL-MART, and you thought it was a good idea to order a PAINT JOB over the NET from eBay?

Sorry doode, I have NO sympathy for you at all.....


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Dafak is wrong with Wal-Mart?

The cheerios there are the same as the ones at pay-too-much-and-be-pompous-Mart.

Yes, they are the Chinese labor of the shopping experience, but most of what they sell is just fine.

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Yes, I have a ZX-14, yes I shop at Wal-mart, and ordering factory fairings painted in the color/style I chose for $2250 is not cheap, I could have spent $600 for Chinese crap, This guy's website showed quality paint, not the cheap ass stuff he sent.

But you are obviously a prime example of excellence, I mean damn, you don't even own a bike that isn't 20 years old or older.

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I paid for half that at a local shop and got beautiful results.
No offense but why would you do paint/body work over the net?
Do you live in a cornfield?
And did you get a new set of plastics, or did they use yours?

That is the difference in cost.

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I paid for half that at a local shop and got beautiful results.
No offense but why would you do paint/body work over the net?
Do you live in a cornfield?
I know, different story/application.:tard
My daughter trashed the front bumper on her Accord. I found a painted aftermarket brand bumper on ebay for about $250 shipped. I have to say it was the best paint and match and if it wasn't the 1st time for me changing the bumper, it would probably only take 10 minutes. Body shop wanted over $2000.

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And did you get a new set of plastics, or did they use yours?

That is the difference in cost.
Something tells me Squidge runs an over the net paint shop...


Wal-Mart, seriously??



Jowek is right in my mind. $2250 over the net for a paint job & plastics??!!

Some things you spend your cash on over the net, some things you buy from your NEIGHBOR and keep your $$$ LOCAL.....

for one day he or she may patronize YOUR business and keep YOU WORKING and OFF the bread line......

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Yes, I have a ZX-14, yes I shop at Wal-mart, and ordering factory fairings painted in the color/style I chose for $2250 is not cheap, I could have spent $600 for Chinese crap, This guy's website showed quality paint, not the cheap ass stuff he sent.

But you are obviously a prime example of excellence, I mean damn, you don't even own a bike that isn't 20 years old or older.
My 64 C10 Stepside and my 72 Duster say otherwise, xoygeha. Some folks LIKE old skool.

Ooooo, cut me I bleed..... Wow! What a scathing insult.. Im soooo heartbroken.. :thefinger

I spoke my personal TRUTH, buddy.. .... you posted your tale of woe here, I gave you MY opinion.. Deal with it

NEW, isnt necessarily better.... but a ZX14 is... but then you went cheap.... Champagne taste...beer budget.... sounds like a payment buyer to me. You spent $2250 and got fucked..... live and learn... Ya should have bought local so you could have kept an eye on the whole process.

P.S. imho, a lot of painters are drunks.... not all but a lot... breathing way to many fumes for way to long...

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Something tells me Squidge runs an over the net paint shop...


Jowek is right in my mind. $2250 over the net for a paint job & plastics??!!
He said he paid half that for the paint alone.

OEM plastics cost a lot more than a few hundred bucks dude. I don't know what kind of math they taught you, but half of 2250 leaves 1125 for the cost of new, OEM plastics.

If I wanted to go buy new OEM plastics it would cost me more than that, and I would still have to buy the OEM decals too.

Maybe the paint cost is high, I wouldn't know. But that depends on the paint used and how complex it was. Pearl house of kolor paint is not cheap, for example. And I can't see if this includes shipping or not. If it does, then I see nothing wrong with that price. In fact, it isn't too bad.

But why we are arguing about what he paid or whether or not you prefer costco is completely irrelevant.
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