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Ok guys I currently have a zx-14 were going to use jsut for drag, I am going to be purchasing another bike to be comfortable on and ride and that has decent power and to just take on longer trips and enjoy.

here is what I have to do, I never realized what a hard this would be..lol

theres a new 07 zx-6r (looks and feels great)

new 06 zx-10r

what honestly would you reccomend for what I want. I didnt know if the 1000 will feel as fast as the 14 and such. I want a little tamer to beat on.. Im a race freak and this will tame me too, and be alot more enjoyable

so if I get the 10r will I be on the 14? should I get the 6?

I am going to go by what the opinions are here.. haha

and I am glad I found the forum, not alot of bashing here. Ill post up the 14 and mods later..


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well the 14 is perfect for what you want.... if you want tamer, leave the flies in~

if you want comfort, and longer trips.. is a supersport really what you should be looking at?

apart from those two points... I haven't had a chance to sit on the new 6 yet, so I can't really compare..

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Hi there friend, my opinion is like this :

ZX-14 - 265kg (fully fuelled)
ZX-10 - 200kg (est fully fuelled)

Long distance touring
zx-14 = very comfy, stable
zx-10 = racy position, very nimble steering

zx-14 = more weigtht movement thrown at the bike to turn in
zx-10 = easy flick to it's side

zx-14 = 197bhp (169rwhp)
zx-10 = 180+bhp (165+rwhp)

Firstly, i'll ask myself these questions first :-
-want touring?
-want sheer power?
-want comfort?
-want to do track days?
-how big are you?

So my opinion goes, if you want to go for long distance touring/travelling, go for the 14, it's easier for your back, abundant power and more room to protect you from the elements. if zx-10, then for me it has racy position, light streeing, nimble and compact chassis.

Personally, i'll suggest you go for the zx-14...why?.. because you yourself said in dragracing it's betterhalf, so you know how it behaves, it's peak power and handling. You will feel the zx-10 underpowered... Anyway if you take both machines down the road, it all depends on your willpower to handle the straights and twisties. It dosen't mean having smaller/bigger cc's will make you arrive at your destination sooner, it's how you become one with it that counts.

p/s haven't ridden the new zx-6 but it looks nasty....

Just my 2 cents....................:smile

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I know as far as being comfortable I like sitting on the 10 better because I dont feel like im tensed up. Im more outstretched on it. The 6 is alright but takes alittle getting used to since im taller but it is still pretty comfortable.
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