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hey guys and gals,

since we've been having some wet weather the past few weeks here in the islands. i decided that i'd try and clean up the slimer more. this time to get a good cleaning on the wheels, rotors and calipers. i got to wondering, since there are some... well... a lot of very cleaned and detailed bikes in/on this forum. i would ask for some pointers, tips, advice on how to clean my rotors and calipers and wheels. since i got slimer used, i've been trying to get the condition back to semi new. but, haven't had any luck. i've noticed that near the bracket that holds the rotors have very tiny rust deposits. so i've been trying to get them off. sort of cautious as i'd rather not scratch up the bracket or rotors. i have also noticed that some very tough road grime has settled, caked on the rims. so... i guess my questions are.

1) what type of cleaners do you folks use?

2) what cleaners out there has proven to work or not work?

3) what are the methods and process used when cleaning such areas as calipers, rotors, wheels?

4) what type of brushes or tools should be used?

5) what brushes or tools should NOT be used?

6) any precautions to take when cleaning these parts?

7) what is a good way to remove rust deposits and prevent them from returning?

if possible i'd like to clean them without having to remove the parts to do so. don't have the tools. nor have the facilities to do major jobs as those at more place of residence.

thanks in advance,
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