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Hey guys,
Here's the deal. We are a new dealer for Chatterbox Helmet Communicators. We are running an introductory group buy on multiple forums to let customers know that we are now stocking Chatterbox products.

We're starting with the Chatterbox X1 Slim models. See them here on our website for details:

ChatterBox X1 Slim universal kit for $250 shipped in the USA $280 international (MSRP $349.99 plus shipping). The kit includes the unit, headphones, mic, mounting plate, charger, etc...

Now the details. In order for me to offer this killer price, we need to sell a minimum of 20 kits. We will be running this deal on a few message-boards so we don't technically need 20 people from this board to purchase this deal. This deal will run until Friday July 20th and we will place our order with ChatterBox the following Monday. ChatterBox has plenty of units in stock and they are located very close to us, so the products will ship within a few days after the GB is over.

We can't list this price on our website so we will have to send out a paypal invoice to everyone involved.

To Participate:

1) Reply to this thread
2) Email [email protected] your contact info/email address tied to your paypal account
3) Pay the paypal invoice sent to you in full by the close of the day on July 20th

Any questions or comments please send me a PM or reply to this thread.

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