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Hi there,
If you can help me please do.

I started taking of my Fueltank and ended with taking of the cylinderhead.
Now somewhere in between i removed the valvecover and camshaft,now i will have to put the camshaft back on the correct timing so it will open the valves at the right moment but i dont know how please help.

There are 2 little lines on the sprockets and i believe they should be facing eachother but im not sure.

Also i need to know that my pistons are at top death center,what i mean is since its a 4T it gets at the top twice before completing a cycle does it matter at all if its at the top where it used to have combustion or if its at the top after disposing the exhaust gasses.
And should the middle pistons be at TDC or should the 2 outer pistons be at TDC.

I hope someone knows, your help would be greatly appreciated and i would do whatever i can to help you out if you have a problem in the future ;)


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Alright i now know that the outer two cylinders should be at TDC (correct me if im wrong)
I have also learn that if the pistons are at TDC the valves should be closed.
So i now know how to put the camshaft on the right timing.

But today i bought the camshaft chain tensioner and discovered they orderd the wrong one for me cause i already have the one that i bought today but that one came out of my first engine and im riding on engine number 2 now,the guy i bought it from told me it was from 1999,apparently it is not,now i will have to find ou what year the engine is from,Any Tips???

i have made some foto's of the camshaft chain tensioner which i will upload later,maybe someone recognizes it and can tell me from which year it possibly is,my guesse is 2000 or 2001 since the engine i bought had only run for about 15000 miles and if it would have bin a 1998 or 1997 i think it should have had more miles on it.

Pic's ill upload later tonight,im gonna make me sumtin to eat first.
If you own a ZX6R and know how your Camshaft chain tensioner looks
Please check this topic later,TY

Ok Here are the pics,

First is the one i just bought which should be the one for a ZX6R from 1999 (3Pics)
Notice the endings the first one is a flat lenght of iron with a square at the end

The other i dont know from which year it is,maybe you can tell me???
the second is a round lenght of iron with a round ending!

Do You Recognize????
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