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After reading a review a of these: http://www.dual-star.com/index2/Rider/heated_grip_kit1.htm
I ordered a set for $30, great customer service and delivery BTW.

The Toggle switch that comes standard was too large for the location I wanted to mount it. There is a square hole stamped in the dash frame behind the blank cover on the left side. I replaced it with Radio Shack part # 275-352, Mini center off Toggle switch.

Dual Star recommends using their heat shrink tubing on Aluminum bars for the left side ($3.95) This has a 1" I.D. for larger bars so it takes quite a bit to shrink it down on the C-14. I used a propane torch on low with a flame spreader.

The instructions are some of the best I've seen. Simply remove the grips and any glue residue, wipe with alcohol and your ready to apply the elements. They are marked Clutch and Throttle, remove those labels, peel the backing off and from the center out apply to the bars with no air gaps. Since they do not wrap around the entire bar leave the space on the back about where your wrist would be while riding.

The Throttle side will need some obvious slack, I routed the loop through the Throttle cable tubes and zip tied it to the lower Master Cylinder Banjo bolt.

I found that with the sleeve on the left Grip you need a two Throttle sized I.D. Grips for the install. I had gel grips on so the stock Throttle Grip went on the Left side till I get another set of Gels. Both Stock and Gel Grips heat up at the same rate and level BTW. I didn't glue the Grips back on, they are plenty tight!

For power the switched stock accessory leads on the left side work well. This circuit is rated for 10 amps. The Grips use 6 amps, max at 36 watts. I had to extend the ground lead from the right grip about 6" to reach the acc. plug. Splice connectors are included but I've never liked them. Simple crimp style bullet connectors will plug right in. Also sub-fused the power wire at the switch with a 6 amp fuse holder.

From there I mounted the Switch left center on the plug to allow for a future Switch on the right of it. D.S. offers a flush mount rocker style Switch too. Personally find there hard to use with gloves but YRMVG.

Upon testing I found the leads are actuated opposite of the wiring. If you want "up" to be the high heat setting, put the white wires on the lower connection (opposite of the Photo[:I])

Testing on a cool morning with standard Held racing Gloves these heaters work great. On high they almost got too hot after a while but temps say under say 45f. this would be a welcome level. The Low setting gave a nice warm feeling to both sides. At $34 + shipping, like a heated vest, this Farkle will be worth twice the price in cold weather.

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Nice Install and great instructions Tom! We were in the PA mountains this weekend, it was below 40 comming out of the hotel this morning. This is one mod that a necessity for cold riding. Warm winter gloves are fine.. until you hold on to those bars that have been out in the frost all night..

Thanks for posting up this nice job.

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