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Hey All,

Im new to the Zx forum so I appologise in advance if Im doing this all wrong.

I have a 07 Zx10r and I read somewhere on here that the brakes can be changed to a Zx14's for much better results.

So I bought the complete rear brake assembly off a 2009 Zx14 for 60$ + 25$ shipping. The guy also wants to sell me the Front set for 185$ is that a good price? Can I do with out the front set for now? Are these even compatable with my bike? Can I get the front Caliper off a 2008 Zx14 and match it with the rear caliper system of 2009? or do they have to match? hmmm, this kinda stuff I have no clue.

Also, I am trying to hook up a GiPro as well and the wiring is so damn comfusing even with the pictures from a previous forum on here.
I got as far as removing the 2 middle wires from the conection.
I dont see a lose red wire anywhere on the GiPro. Anyone done this before? More detail would be greatly appreciated. PLEASE!

I am curently waiting on a fairing kit from China. (Red and black design) I will post pics soon.

I currently have the PC3 hooked up (not programed yet)
2 Brothers dual chrome slipons
Shorty levers
HID's (adding the Halo's shortly if I can successfully do the oven part)
LED kit (I will be adding once I get the fairings)
Might paint the outer part of my rims and leave the spokes black.

On my wish list is new tires and the speedo adjuster, fairing sliders, (red) steel brake lines, (red) chain, lithium battery, gopro hd2

Any affordable good quality street tires I should be aware of?

What else should I add to my wish list?

Thank you for the hospitality! Hope everyone has a great ridin season!:crazyloco
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