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I would like to get some anodised (gold or blue) bolts and nuts for the rear rotor and rear sprocket. I know where to get anodised aluminum fasteners that will do the job on a CBRXX, but I don't know if they are up to the task on a '14. Torque specks are lower than stock with these. Titanium is stronger, and looks good, but is really too expensive. Anybody have experience or ideas on this? :bling
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If you are interested, I have a large assortment of gold anodized aluminum allen head bolts that are great for case covers, lever perches and various other non-stressed attachments. I would let them go for $10+shipping. I took enough out to so the side cases and lever perches on my late, lamented ZZR 1200, but there are a buttload left in the case.
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