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All items came off a 2007 ZX-6R all Back. Nothing is broken and in 100% working order.

Here is a Link to Photobucket.
Pictures by Excentric-Ebay - Photobucket

BLOW OUT SALE. If you're not happy with the price make a offer! Parts have to go need to make room for the new bike.

Radiator Fan $20.00
Front Left turn signal cover smoked out $20.00
Front Right turn signal cover smoked out $20.00
Fuel Pump $50.00
Front Forks recently resealed (No scratches, dings or dents 100% perfect condition) $200.00 shipped Have receipts with recent re seal job - SOLD
Front Fender Fairing $50.00
Rear Tire $110.00 Power pure 2ct Front Tire $60.00 Power Pure 2ct or ($120.00) for the set Shipped. 90% + Tread left
Swing Arm with Shock (Perfect coniditon) $130.00 Shipped
Lower Inner Fairing $20.00 Shipped
Right Inner Fairing $20.00 Shipped
Center Innter Fairing $20.00 Shipped
Radator Coolant Overflow White Tank $15.00 Shipped
Starter $45.00 Shipped
Front Master Cylinder $60.00 Shipped
Rear Master Cylinder $40.00 Shipped
Front Break Lines $15.00 Shipped
Rear Break Lines $15.00 Shipped
Rear Caliper $30.00 Shipped
Starter Relay $20.00 Shipped
Airbox With Top Injectors $45.00 Shipped
Large Exhaust Heat Shield Matte black Finish $40.00 Shipped
Kill Switch $30.00 Shipped
Light Switch $30.00 Shipped
Fall down Sensor Switch $26.00 Shipped Each I have two or Both shipped for 50.00
Regulator Rectifier $35.00 Shipped
Stock Headers and Mid pipe $50.00 Shipped
Spark Plug Ingition Coils $25.00 Shipped
Clip ons Both for $50.00 Shipped
Rear right Turn Signal 30.00 Shipped
Rear Break Light $33.00 Shipped
Water Pump $35.00 Shipped
Junction box $25.00 Shipped
Ignition, Gas Cap and Rear Latch with Two sets of keys for $120.00 Shipped
Right and Left Turning signals wiring with bulbs. $12.00 Each Shipped. Or 20.00 for both shipped.
Clutch Cover $40.00 Shipped
Clutch Lever $25.00 Shipped
Battery $30.00 Shipped
Sprocket Cover $12.00 Shipped
Cam Shaft with Cam gear $35.00 Shipped
Oil pan strainer plug filter $15.00 Shipped
Oil Filter Mount $10.00 Shipped
Valve Cover $26.00 Shipped
Rear Engine Mount $20.00 Shipped
Throttle Body $60.00 Shipped
Horn $15.00 Shipped

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I am an idiot who never learns a lesson lol. I didn't put my battery on trickle over the winter, and about 2 months ago I charged it took couple days and was fine, but after the ride I didn't put it back on and now the battery won't charge, so yeh I'm interested in the battery as long as its good.

Have you been maintaining it since it came off the bike? thanks
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