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Just went and looked at a 2000 zx7 he started it prior to me getting there is there was a puddle of oil under it is this common after it sits for a while in winter. What is a good price to pay for a bike around this year and what should I look for as concerns pros and cons please help me out thanks Gerald.

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No it is not common for a bike to just have a puddle of oil under it.

If you have never looked at bikes before, check for cracks in the frame. Bring a flashlight.

Check the forks for oil on them (on the shiny, smooth chrome bits), if they leak... it needs seals.

Make SURE the bike is cold before you start it. Most people start their bikes and let them run before you get there to hide problems.

Check the tires for cracks, and look at the date on them. If they are more than a couple years old you probably have to replace them.

How many miles does it have? Bluebook that shit for your area and go down in price by roughly the cost of parts for everything that is wrong with it. Of course, helps to have an idea how much that stuff is...

You can open the brake reservoirs and see if the stuff in there is clear/slightly yellow or if its as black as mud.

Sit on it, bounce it up and down. It should not BOUNCE. The shocks should slow the return. Front and rear.

Pop the seat off and look for corroded ass wires and terminals.

Cosmetic damage can be expensive to fix. Very expensive. If that is something you cannot do, or dont like halfassed spraybomb jobs then stay away.

Make sure ALL of the lights work. Turn the key on with the bike not running. There should be a red oil pressure light. Start the bike and that should turn off. Check the high and low beam.

Be as anal as you can possibly think. Then stand back for a second and look at something else. You will almost always miss something.

Check the chain for stretch, pull the chain away from the sprocket. If it pulls away more than I think 1/4 or 1/3 (or was it half? Or maybe "the whole tooth"? I forget, someone can correct this) of the tooth height, the chain is worn and needs to be replaced.

Check the sprocket to see if any teeth are missing, bent, or if they are all stretched in the direction of the chain pull.

Check the pads if you can manage to see in there.

Make sure the fuel pump is working. Its very expensive, and the bike will run above reserve without it working at all - ask me how I know. The fuel pump is pretty damn loud, but not as loud as the bike usually. I can kind of stick my finger through the hole in the frame and feel it working, but that was an acquired skill. It is a solenoid type pump, so it clicks like a solenoid on a starter.

Lots and lots of things to check before buying a bike. Most of the problems are fairly simple to fix if you are a DIY type.

I am sure I am missing a lot of things.

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Very good advice from both these guys. If you have a mechanically inclined friend or relative take them with you to help look it over.
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