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I just finished an Engine swap that was completely successful except for one thing: It wont start.
(aka, not successful at all)

I have a 99' ZX6R with a totaled engine I replaced with a 2000 ZX6R Engine.
All the wiring is done with the 99's harness etc.. The problem I'm having is that the secondary coil won't spark.

The boots and wires from the coil are good.
I swapped leads from the primary to the 2ndry coil and got it to spark leads #2 and #3; so the coil is obviously good as well.

I cut a line of wire to lead the Green wires on the 2nd coil directly to the IC igniter- No spark (I get no reading from this wire either on the ohm-meter)

Cut a line of wire to lead the RED straight to the ignition system in case it was the red lead : nothing

I piggy backed the red leads together: No change

However if I take 2ndry coils GREEN lead and tie it to the primary's black lead (green equivalent, goes straight to the IC igniter) I get spark for all 4 plugs; HOWEVER- She still A: won't turn over all the way, and B: now all the plugs are on the exact same timing instead of the 1/4 and 2/3 timing they're supposed to be....

I'm not sure how to test my ignitor- especially since it seems to be working for everything EXCEPT the one green lead....

Edit: I take that back, I know how to test it; I just don't know if it's a possibility for a single lead to fail out of an igniter- I guess is more the question here...

As far as I can tell, all the fuses in the junction box are un-broken including the main 30A fuse off the Positive terminal...

Here's the kicker- only 300 miles ago everything worked until the engine got totaled (idiot mechanic installed the front cam chain tensioner guide arm wrong, fell out of place.. etc..) The bike has only been sitting about 2 months since she "died"- waiting for her new engine to come in. I didn't mess with any of the electronics (until now), just plugged everything in where it should go like normal.

Any idea's/experiences?? Am I missing an additional Fuse I'm just not catching? I have the service manual, and all it says is to just replace everything you think is possibly dying or broken and pretty much just "keep replacing shit until it works":banghead

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Have you tried swapping the pick up coil and ignition advancer from the old engine into the new engine?

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That was my thoughts. The rotor is probably different.

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Both coils stopped giving spark so I just went ahead and got the 2000 Wiring harness.

Differences in the 98-99 and 00-01:

Fuel Pump Assembly: Incompatible plug faces. Reqs Splice or buy new

IC igniter: Incompatible: Must buy new. 2nd plug is elongated. do NOT recommend an attempt to splice.

Carburetor plugs: Semi - Compatible. NOTE: Req's 00-01 COIL SUB HARNESS, or cannibalising old harness with splicing CSH plug face to connect Carb. plugs to harness. 00-01 went to a male plug face, instead of female.

Voltage regulator: Incompatible plug face. Can be spliced to work. New plug face is a circle plug that simplified wiring to get rid of 2 additional wires (just splice into the one)

Coils: 98-99 coils FIT and work if keeping 98-99 harness. Otherwise: Incompatible. Req's stick coils.

Brake light plug: incompatible faces.
Rear blinkers: not included on Harness

00-01 engine bolts in to 98-99 frame: very compatible

Headlight and front blinker assy: so far Compatible. did notice new harness blinker plug added one extra wire. Will see if it works same later.

Speedometer plug: Compatible

Pick up coil: Compatible

Pick up coil assy + plug: Semi-compatible, plug face req's splicing old harness plug face, or new assy to plug into 00-01 harness.

Juncton box: Compatible

Fuel pump Regulator: Compatible

Will post later when Coil sub harness gets in next week to verify new harness works and starts bike.
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