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Anybody resprayed swing arm on a C6F

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Looking to buy a 2006 Green 636, but the guy has been using a paddock stand and its chipped either side of the swing arm, now has anybody had this before and if it was sprayed to repair it would it look like it had been.... ie rubbish ?
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Cheers guys, i have not been enjoying the snow !!!!! Thanks for the info on the swing arm, i have an Abba Stand myself, not sure how this will work as i purchased it before i have even got the bike ! I just really hate marks etc on the swingarm, the bodywork i can cope with (ish) but not the frame or swing arm because they are so difficult to get rid of. I really want the black 636 but these seem to sell for a premium whereas the green is a lot cheaper..... bet Kawasaki are not happy with that !
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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