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Hey guys.... First post here so please forgive any miss communication or wrong posting.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a 2002 zx7r which is failing to start. The bike was running "OK" the last time i road it (being a mechanic had removed pipes off a ram air/fuel diaphragm? limiting the bike to about 100mph in 3rd, having -- what feels like -- lack of fuel past that or when in a higher gears -even if the clutch is in it wont rev out -. {subcontext, this was removed as one day when the bike was left to warm up it just died when i came back to it and wouldn't start, so they seem to take them pipes off and it started / ran to the 100mph mark) Anyway i was riding it cold - dear God forgive me - and since it was already having this fueling issue it died when i revved it a bit to hard. I have tried to bypass the fuel pump hooking the tank to the carbs direct with no success. the bike has good compression, good spark, even starts on starting fluid (then dieing right after) - once again dear God forgive me for my sins :eek: -. Any ideas as to what this could be. Once again sorry if the post is a shambles im trying to get all my thoughts out but they're overlapping a fair bit.

If addition details are required please ask because i know for a fact ive probably missed some.
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