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Discovered motorcycle exhausts are hot at 3 years old.

Discovered at 5 years old that taking you feet of the pedals of a tricycle was not a good idea going downhill and
having to lowside it to stop.

Landing, as pillion on the tail light of a Suzuki Hustler after hitting a bump and the rider and you finding out
later that the service guys who changed the fork oil actually filled them up to the top.

Getting your bike licence by riding figure of "8s" and circles on the police station lawn under the direction
of your friend, having him tell you to get off before you dropped it and then both blithely assuring the local
limb of the law that you could actually ride a bike.

Going out shooting on an old Suzuki Bearcat and remembering just in time that the rifle slung across
your shoulders wouldn't fit between the trees.

High siding, falling down the creek bank and have the KTM fall on you for the knockout punch.

While recovering fron this watching the next guy come down the track with style with the rider behind him
miss the track come off the same bank and crash onto the rider in front's rear mudguard.

Coming round a corner and finding an Echidna (spiny ant eater) casually strolling across the road in your lane.

Coming over a sharp crest and confronting a couple of Charolais in the middle of the road who continued to
casually chew their cud as you frantically braked.

Changing line through a corner to avoid a windfall only to find it was a dirty big goanna strolling across
the road and having to quickly change lines again to go behind it.

Following a kangaroo for 400 yards at night in a cutting because you couldn't match his zig with your zag.

Having a wallaby (small'roo) jump off an embankment basically over the front mudguard.

Thinking the King Brown snake was going from right to left only to notice at the last moment that you were wrong

Moving the bike forward on the driveway and not noticing that you'd half retracted the side stand and then
carefully lowering it to the ground.

Taken the bike off the paddock stand and lowering it onto the side stand which you'd tipped up out of the way
and ending jammed against the work bench with 200kg of ZX-6r on top of you.

Riding through heavy fog to find that the "Wide load following" from the opposite lane was a house mostly
in your lane.

Paying little attention to the bird flying up the road ahead of you until it sharply banked in front of you.

Having to pit at a track day because you were wondering why your helmet was trying to "suck" off to find
that you'd forgotten to fasten it.

Been smoked by a "litre bike" at a track day only to notice him at the hairpin dive of onto the grass and
into the gravel trap.

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