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PICKERINGTON, Ohio (July 17, 2006) -- AMA Pro Racing announced today that the newly-formed Road Race Rules Committee unanimously approved a change to the rule regarding traction control in the AMA Superbike Championship.

The rule change, announced this morning via an AMA Pro Racing Competition Bulletin, reads as follows:

Effectively immediately replace E.23A, pg 36 with:
a. For Superstock and Supersport, any form of engine control system that can actively change the performance/acceleration of the engine using input from any sensors that are not OEM on the motorcycle, to create a situation of better traction at the rear wheel at any time while the motorcycle is being ridden is prohibited.

The rule change effectively legalizes the use of traction control devices in the AMA Superbike and AMA Formula Xtreme classes while limiting the application of such devices in the AMA Supersport and AMA Superstock classes.

"It is our belief, and one that was echoed by each member of the rules committee, is that we should continue to limit the use of traction control devices in the stock classes but open it up in the modified classes," said AMA Pro Racing Director of Technical Development, Kevin Crowther. "This rule change is consistent with the spirit of our class rules and objectively recognizes the current state of development of this emerging technology."

Crowther pointed out that OEM application of traction control on production motorcycles is imminent.

Under new AMA Pro Racing rules making guidelines, rules are proposed by a discipline-specific rules committee then forwarded to the AMA Board of Directors for ratification. The Road Race Rules Committee held its inaugural meeting last Thursday at AMA headquarters in Pickerington, Ohio where the committee voted to not only approve this specific rule but also that the board approve its immediate implementation.

"Everyone agreed that this rule change was important enough to have it implemented immediately," confirmed Crowther. "We're happy that the committee acted quickly and was supported decisively by the board."
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