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I am wondering how much extra Amperage, Wattage, Volts etc... I have coming from my alternator/stator. I know Amps=Watt/Volts. and I have some of the numbers but am having trouble figuring out exactly how much extra juice I have to play with for electrical accessories like GPS and heated gear.

My bike is a 2004 Ninja ZX6R 636 (B2)
The Haynes manual says the alternator output is 42 (minimum)-63.6 Volts @ 4,000 RPM
the regulator puts out 14.2-15.2 Volts @ 5,000 RPM

So I have the Volts but can't find either the Amps or Watts so I can finish out the equation.

Also I am not sure what the draw from the bike itself is (plus I have LED turn signals (front and back), LED brake light and HID headlight bulbs.

Thanks for your guys input.
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