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ZX-10R gets Akrapovic'd

There's now a whole range of options for Akrapovic exhausts for the Kawasaki 2006 ZX-10R. It starts with the road legal bolt-on exhausts with removable baffles, which retails at £722. For that you get Carbon/Titanium silencers and a hexagonal design which meets EU noise regulations.

For £1293, you can go for the complete race system with hydroformed stainless headers, and hexagonal Titanium or Carbon silencers. It will save 2.65kg over the stock system, but stays within the 100dB race limit.

And for £1671, you can go for the Complete Titanium Evolution Race System, with hydroformed headers, and titanium collector and link pipe. The titainium is the only difference between the two race systems, but it means you save an extra kilogram, bringing the weight saving over the stock system to 3.65kg. You also get a massive 7.2Hp power increase at 12300rpm. And at 12000rpm on the Akrapovic dyno, the Kawasaki was putting out 170Hp.

Both race systems feature cylindrical collectors and conical Y-shaped link pipes. All compnents are connected with sleeve joints held with silicon-shielded springs. The Racing features stainless seel inlet caps and perforated inner sleeves, while the Evolution goes for the full titanium option. Outlet caps are carbon-fibre for both systems. And you can choose between titanium or carbon outer sleeves.
The Akrapovic Road Legal bolt-on exhaust in Carbon or Titanium costs £722. The Complete Race System with stainless steel headers in Titanium or Carbon is £1293, and the Complete Titanium Evolution Race System is £1671.

Source: MCN UK
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