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Aftermarket fairings

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I bought a 2008 that the previous owner hit a deer and the insurance company called it a loss so it came with a salvage certificate. I was told by the owner that he didn't go down and it was all cosmetic damage. So when I went to look at it I brought a roll of duct tape, taped it all up so it wouldn't flap like crazy when I took it for a ride to evaluate. No scrapes anywhere so it was pretty obvious that it indeed hadn't been down. Brought it on the highway and at 140 there wasn't any vibration or any other mechanical issues. Here's what it looked like when I brought it home..
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Did you happen to explore Mad Hornet's offerings for Kawasaki Fairings? Little more expensive but. Just curious.
Fair enough. I was just curious because I've ordered a couple Ninja windscreens from them and the product is great and the turn around time was great as well.
That's cool. I'm not, and guess I never was or ever will be, a big fan of Zero Gravity screens. My 2002 ZX9R came with a very dark almost black Zero on it. 95% of the time it was too dark to read/see the instrument cluster. Plus they're so thin it reminds me of cheap junk. Yeah sure it's for weight savings but really? I couldn't get a OEM screen and I came across the one on Pissed Off Hornets 🤣 and took a chance. Like the quality, thinker acrylic with an edge Rib. Thought I wanted clear but opted for a light smoke. I like this screen soooooo much better than the Zero. Hope it turns out right for you. So don't throw rocks if it doesn't 🤣🤣😎👍
Yes. You can differently see through the screen with a light smoke. There are some pictures of my 9 with the dark screen around here somewhere. See if I can dig up a link and post it for you. Been giving some thought to placing some auto window tenting on the back side of the screen right at the gauge line. Enough to clean up the look a little. We'll see what happens.

I'm very sure you're aware of this product, but this is the only protectant to use between waxes on ABS plastics, acrylic screens even paint work. Plexus. A little on the expensive side but well worth it. Comes from the Aviation industry. Used to clean and polish small and mid sized aircraft. You can get it at you motorcycle dealer. NEVER use anything but a micro fiber cloth on pretty much anything 😎👍.
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Sorry, 185EZ, but I'm not a double bubble fan either. Just thought it was over kill. Plus the looks are just not correct to me. The screen you see on my 9 is more than enough wind protection for me. It pushes the wind to the sides well enough and I don't get any helmet buffeting whatsoever. As I mentioned earlier the bark screen for me was a no go due to my inability to read the gauge cluster. It was just too dark for me and I'll never care for the mafia style black screens.
Why would a dark screen not let you read the gauge cluster?
Actually the dark lets me read the LED panel better since it fades out in the light
Love the double bubble.
A 2002 ZX9R doesn't have an LED screen it's all analog. The dark screen casts a dark shadow over the entire gauge cluster 90% of the time. Keeps the dash in the dark. While either wearing sun glasses or wearing a helmet with a tinted shield it can be very difficult to see the gauges. I've already stated what I think of double bubble screens in my previous post.
Anyone with any experience with the touring option?
🤣 Oh, sorry. Forgot touring, yeah.
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It was weird yesterday when I took that footage. I went to a outlet shopping mall I haven't been to in awhile only to find out ALL the stores were abandoned. Quite eerie really. I was the only one in the parking lot riding around.
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