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I have a G-P Composite fiberglass RACE upper in brand new, never mounted condition. I'll even throw a used SPEEDSCREEN lt. green tinted windscreen.
I picked this up a few years back from a Forum member. I'm in the process of building a Scott Russell '93 Daytona Replica and would like to do the 2-piece race fairing.
Sharkskinz lists these at $179 without paint! I have a friend doing my solo-tail at $175 for the painting alone. Check out my Photobucket for PICs. If this is going on a street bike, don't fret. I did a custom race upper by cutting out 1 headlight hole for that Endurance racer look and it turned out great. That's what I'm planning to do with the 2-piece race fairing I do on my Rep. project. I'd like to get $150 shipped to your door.
(http://s1129.photobucket.com/albums/m512/kawzxr9/1993 ZX7 Upper)
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