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4th Annual Roxboro Bike Fest Saturday June 24th 2006 Roxboro NC. Gates open
@10am 35mins north of Raleigh/Durham, 55mins northwest of Greensboro NC, 45mins
southwest of Danville VA.

To all MC crews SC crews and Bike crews. CMD promotions invites you to Roxboro
NC on June 24th as we celebrate the 4th annual Roxboro Bike Fest. We will also
be announcing several new bike crews. As you know CMD is not just about
promoting we are also bikers and we appreciate our biker fam. We know that
without you we would not have been as successful as we are. You have helped us
break track attendance records in Georgia and Alabama. Now its time for North
Carolina. We(CMD) can do this because we always give back to our biker fam. We
care period. Lets make this another record attendance track event for a bike

Here is how we care about and appreciate our biker fam and at the same time give
back to our biker community:

• Biker discount admission of $10.00 before 12:00pm. Regular gate admission
(no other track event care enough about bikers to offer this type of discount)

• Free unlimited Tent space to set up your club area and hang your club banners.
As always Tail gaiting, Grilling and BYOB permitted at all CMD track events.
(Space is available on first come first serve basis)

• Club row. Special row area just for bike crews and bike clubs to set up their
tents, grills.

• No entry fee for the Custom Bike show or drag race contest. (Trophies

• Free test and tune with paid admission.

• All clubs will receive and appreciation/trophy award. A club rep must register
before 12:00pm.

• Promoting your upcoming club events is permitted and encouraged. Passing out
flyers is allowed including a complimentary announcement of upcoming MC/SC club
events over the track PA system. (You will not get this at any other Bike Fest
track event).

• Club Fund Raising permitted. MC/SC crews are allowed to sell tickets for their
upcoming events and take up collections for charity fund raisers(Charity must be
verified by CMD prior to taking up collections).

• MC/SC Club vending. If cubs want to sell merchandise they only have to pay a
small $50.00 vendors fee(Unfortunately No food vending allowed).

• Something new at CMD events for 2006- We will have an MC/SC Club roll call
where we will announce your MC/SC club and all its members present. This is a
great way to announce your crew members in front of thousands and get great
exposure for your club. We will be announcing new clubs like Unrestricted Ryders
MC(Burlington) and Devine Queens SC (Roxboro). To get added to the list we just
ask that you simply send an e-mail to [email protected] and say ad my
crew to the roll call.

For list of bike fest activities or for more info visit www.cmdpromotions.com or
call the info line at 336.577.7992 leave a message and your call will be
returned ASAP.

Peace & Respect!!
Chad, McGuyver and Lady “Diamond”

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