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Hi folks I hope you’re all well.....I thought you might get a kick out of watching this video of a
full 6 gear pull on the Champion Cycle dyno in Toronto last Friday, with juice at the top of 5th.....We did this on the ‘aerodynamics’ equipped ZX15HT because we couldn’t go to Loring this summer due to CoVid and wanted to give all of our fabulous sponsors a virtual ride.
It took approximately 12 seconds to go from 0-370klms per hr with our newly built 1510 big bore high compression ‘Scott Miller’, Millenium, Competition CNC built motor......Watch the right thumb hit the starter button (juice when the Muzzy switch is charged after starting the motor) while the left thumb hits the horn button/n2o shifter. We maxed out the dyno at 324 klm (200 mph) in 5th gear but kept going thru 6th up to an estimated 370 klm (230mph). This was our first pull of the day, at 8000rpm we hit the juice and were a little rich - we later leaned that out. We were lean from about 9000-12000 so we richened that up accordingly......Note, we increased the pressure or 'drag' on the dyno by 25% (the safest we could) to represent the approximate wind resistance we will experience at the Loring mile in 2021.
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