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So, I took a leap and bought a brand new motorcycle off the floor. I’ve got about 1300 miles on it and now that I’m more comfortable I’ve been giving her hell. A couple times when I really lay on the throttle I’ve been experiencing a speed wobble and relatively low speeds. Once while shifting into 2nd going about 70 and the other time shifting into 3rd probably going faster than that. Those are the only times it has happened and I brought it to the dealership to check on it and make sure there isn’t something wrong. They told me that all they could do was adjust my suspension so that the rear ended squats more when I accelerate. The tech there said that he thought it was a major oversight of Kawasaki to not install factory dampeners on the 636s as they produce enough horse power to reduce contact in the front without actually lifting.
The traction control has been turned down to 1.

I just need a second opinion on whether it really is why the tech says is going on and I just need to buy a dampener or if there is something fishy about a brand new motorcycle getting a speed wobble under hard acceleration. Also.... if I need a dampener, anyone have suggestions that will actually fit the bike? I’m finding very few options.
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