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When I purchased the 2012 Ninja 650 last December, really liked the looks of the OEM muffler location under the fame. Always liked the looks of an aluminum can, too.

Wanted to trim weight on the Ninja for mountain riding, TB 11lb loss. Now I'm working on the "rider" losing weight :rolleyes. The Ninja 650 in the stock form had enough HP for my style of mountain riding, but a little additional HP is OK, TB increase 7.5HP @ 10K.

The TB system is loud and we live in the country. Enjoy hearing after market systems on thumpers, HDs, and sport bikes as they ride by home in the evening. The TB can is packed with fiberglass & TB recommends repacking every 3000 miles. Have not repacked the can yet and well beyond 3000 miles, too. This bike is my solo bike, but if taking a passenger the exhaust blast might be hot on the passengers right foot how I pointed the can out.

Wanted to have the correct map installed for the high flow exhaust system, so installed a TB Juicebox Pro map system with two preloaded maps that can hold up to 10 maps. The TB preloaded maps are set for OEM exhaust/air filter or OEM air filter with TB full exhaust. The TB Juicebox Pro is a plug & play unit and easy installation.

Did not take many photos of the TB installation since it was "very" easy to install and did not require any modifications, just bolted on.

TB link with M2 Black Series V.A.L.E. 2 into 1 system info with dyno run:


Original OEM exhaust system:

Juicebox Pro installation:

Installed TB full exhaust System:

Ninja TB system with fairings:

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