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I'm the proud new owner to a 2007 ZX6r, and I need your help. Just a disclaimer: This is my first bike and I'm still a relative beginner at maintenance and mechanics, so please forgive any follow-up questions. As Johnny Carson used to say, "I'm learning, I'm learning..."

The bike is beautiful though, save for the obstructive fender that reminds me of a giant zit on her backside.

To heal it, I've ordered a Pinebox integrated taillight and I'm installing a metal license plate bracket under the seat. The left side isn't difficult to drill and screw in, but the right side would be fastened near the ECU.

Manufacturer suggests not removing the ECU and instead drilling overlapping holes and fitting in the screw that way, but I'd prefer a cleaner setup. I read the service manual and have a couple questions:

1) How difficult is it to temporarily remove and reinstall the ECU? Is removing seats, muffler body, and battery the fastest way?
2) When you reinstall the muffler body, do you have to replace the Muffler Body Gasket with a new one? Or is there a way to use the same one?

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