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The orange suits the 6n better than the yellow & the 6f looks better with a black frame. Old colours:

From Kawasaki UK website

ER-6n and ER-6f released for 2007
After a very succesfull introduction year, Kawasaki has announced the new colours of the ER-6n and ER-6f for the 2007 season.

Both Kawasaki models will have one new colour. For the naked ER-6n the new colour is New Pearl Orange. For the faired ER-6f the new colour is Candy Plasma Blue.

The ER-6n will be available in 3 colours. Next to the Orange bike, the naked middleweight Kawasaki will be in New Metallic Black and Galaxy Silver Type 2, both with a frame of New Permission Red.

The ER-6f will be available in 2 colours. Candy Plasma Blue with a silver frame and New Metallic Black with a black frame.

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