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So what is going on is:
The bike will start with no issues.
It idles fine.
Brand New Battery.
If I let it sit and idle for 20-30 mins no issues.

Problem is:
I take off for a ride that I take everyday on the highway which is about a 20 mile ride one way at 65 miles an hour.
But, 2 things start happening when I hit 14-15 miles into my trip every time I take that trip or anywhere the 1st thing that happens is if I gun it to pass or whatever reason I decide to give it gas really fast the bike shuts off.
It doesn't sputter like a gas issue it just shuts completely off.
2nd thing that happens when I ride that far at 14-15 miles into the trip doesn't matter if I gun it or not the bike will shut down. No sputtering just dies.
I have to tell you when these 2 things happen I'm going up hill. Not a mountain just a long hill.
The thing when I gun it and it shuts off I can be on a flat straight away and it happens but its always either between 14-15 miles of riding or 25-30 mins of riding.

So I pull off the road when either thing happens. All the lights are still on.
But when I try to start it, it does that clicking noise when you have a dead battery. Then after trying that a couple of time I get no click no nothing.

I was pretty upset when it would happen. So I set there 2 times and waited about 20 mins. Tried to start it and it started right up and ran great until I hit 14-15 miles or 20-30 mins of riding again or try and gun it, it would shut down again. Waited 15-20 mins it started right back up and ran fine.

Anyway the last time it happened I smelt a burning wire smell. And found the connector from the R/R melted to its female connector.

What I am asking is:
Does anyone have the diagram or know what wires of the 6 coming out of my stock R/R are? Like what is hot? Just what they all go to? I know the black is ground I think.?

I want to test it and don't know what wires to connect to when testing it?

Sorry for the long post.
I just wanted to cover everything at once. I hope I did that.

To me I believe its a wiring issue hints the burnt melted connector on the r/r.

But it only happens under load.

Thanks everyone.

Please help if you know anything about these issues and what it could be.

Thanks again.

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