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2007 Kawasaki Z1400, 160bhp + streetfighter

By Tor Sagen/Image by Luc1. After researching several hints and speaking to various sources it is now clear that Kawasaki is developing a naked version of the new ZZR1400. This will be called Z1400 styled in the lines of the Z750 and Z1000. Expect more than 160bhp to beat BMW K1200R and massive torque from the enormous in-line four. The bike is bound to be more brutal than the rest. It makes sense for any manufacturer to launch several platforms to a R&D job such as the ZZR1400. It's one of the most expensive bikes as such, and maybe the ZZR1400 was launched a bit premature as we still have no tech specs?

Official Kawasaki comment: "Kawasaki is constantly looking to develop its model range and introduce new and improved motorcycles to the market to satisfy customer demand. At the current time we have not released details of the Kawasaki 2007 road bike or off road range. For this reason I cannot comment on possible models that we may be developing for inclusion in 2007 or future model years." Paul Cross, Senior Marketing Executive.

Source: Raptors & Rockets
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