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2006 ZZR-600 runs too rich at idle.

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I have a 2006 ZZR-600 with about 9,000 miles on it. It sounds great, but it seems way too rich at idle. When cold, you can't use the choke, it stumbles if you put the choke fully on. It likes to start with no choke, even when cold, and you can smell the exhaust running rich when it's sitting idling. It also chugs a little bit at idle, like the choke is stuck on or something. It runs fine on the road, and seems fine, except for at idle where it seems to be too rich.

I did take the air cleaner off and soak it in tons of oil, squeeze all the oil out, then put the filter back on, and that was 2 years ago. I haven't ridden it much, only about 200 miles, since I oiled the filter. I'm wondering if the oil on the filter would make it run so rich? I bought a new OEM filter, just in case, and I'm going to replace it. Oiling the filter might have been a really bad idea.

Can you adjust the idle set screws, or how do you drill them out to adjust them?
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2 options.

Never worked on your bike before? I recommend option 1.
Rusty or willing to learn? Option 2.
There are guys on here that can do this stuff in their sleep, but they are probably tired of explaining it for the 50'th time.
This will get you started, or make your head spin.:ROFLMAO:

Option #1. The easiest. Take it to a competent shop and have them tune your carb.

Option #2 The cheapest. Learn about carbs. You can start here. (These are not for your bike. You will have to refer to the service manual and schematics.)

With your trusty service manual close by, take pictures as you disassemble. Organize and reinstall in the reverse order.

Needle heights.

Float bowls.

Air fuel adjustments.

Carb synchronization.

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Reserved for whatever I forgot to add to the previous post.
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