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This is a truly wonderful bike. It is all stock and has just under 6,000 miles. The only modification, if you want to call it that, is that the lower cowl has been painted silver to match the rest of the bike. All maintenance has been kept up with the bike, and it just had its oil changed with Repsol synthetic and OEM filter about 1,000 miles ago. I am the second owner of this bike. The original owner laid the bike down on the right side, but I have replaced the right main fairing, lower cowl, and right front turn signal. There are small scratches remaining on the right mirror, rear brake lever, clutch cover, and front fender. There is no other damage on the bike. The bars are aligned perfectly, the bike tracks true. I have never stunted or abused this bike in any way. I only use it for weekend fun rides on the local twisties or in the mountains.

I am firm on $4,800 so do not waste our time by setting up an appointment and coming to lowball me. I am not interested in any trades, unless its a house ;)

You can PM me here or email me at [email protected]
Email would be preferred since I've posted this ad on many boards, and it would be the best way to consolidate all the messages.

Now to the pics (btw, pics are of the bike dirty. It has been washed):

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