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welp here i am again, i have another 636 part out
all parts do not include shipping. feel free to shoot me offers
the more you buy the cheaper itll be.
you can also text me at 2062274046
most items are in superb condition text me if you want to see pictures of certain things

heres a list of what I have

rebuilt oregon title frame-500
rear wheel with tires and rotor. 250
ram air-90
speedo gauge(10K)-80
left rearset-50
blue tank -120
gauge bracket-30
fuel pump -35(3)
left clip on with switches-40
right clip on with switches-40
triple clamp with lock set, rear hatch, with gas lock 100
rectifier 30
front master cylinder with brakes-70
passenger peg-40
vortex clip on-75


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Power commander should be here any second.

Hurry up slow ass mail man (woman) :banghead

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Looking good so far. Got the map on it, now just got to get it on the bike.
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