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I have here 3 wheels, Two rears one front, the front has a ding on one side that can be repaired for 100 bucks from what I am told, One rear is 6 inches wide the other is 6.5, they are black and have a dark purple tint in the sunlight, the 6.5 inch rear comes with cush drive and AFAM sprocket, I am not sure what the bike the other rear goes to and he forgot it. Selling for a friend that quit racing due to career ending accident, asking $700 for all 3, yes that's right but shipping will be the killer I am in Berkeley California 94705, and they are roughly 10lbs a piece the front is a little lighter, let me know offers are welcome, paypal only and hell if you are in Ca and would like to pick them up lets talk, James.

Please check shipping to your area if interested as well.

If you dont know a pair of these is 1800 plus tax! So 3 for $600 is a steal. check their website.

I have been unable and got very pissed off with the restrictions on file size with this website, so please email me for photos and I will create a photobucket one as well, Thanks James


OK check out the photos!

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