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Hey everyone, I'm new here to the forums, been a long time Kawasaki owner. Got my first a 2005 zx6r (636) in 2011, and currently have a 2008 zx10r.

A couple years ago there was a camshaft issue with zx6r that the dealer basically said I would need to replace that whole part and with OEM prices it wasn't worth it. So I decided to part it out and have sold several significant parts, but still many parts remain.

So, I figured maybe the forums could help me connect to people that might need some parts for 05 and 06 zx6rs. I've listed most of the parts here, all are in good to great condition and the price for each is negotiable but near ebay prices for the same part.

If you know anyone that needs any of these parts feel free to message me a request, and then I can get in contact with the buyer. Appreciate it peeps.

Rear wheel and lightly used tire
Swingarm with bolt
Header pipe
Midpipe with small dent
Tri link suspension
Wheel rods
Electrical wiring
Stator cover
Clutch cover
Front brake cables
Front brake caliper
Front brake master cylinder
Rear brake cables
Rear brake disc
Throttle cables
Shifter and bracket
Full set of fairings, good to great condition (aftermarket, blue and black)
Inset turn signals (aftermarket)
Water pump
Throttle position sensor
Engine cover
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