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I have a few questions. 1st is the works fender eliminator worth getting?
2nd will 1998-2002-kawasaki-zx6r-zzr600-05-08 rear sub-frame fit on a 2003zx9r?
When looking at the photos of https://www.xdcycle.com/motorcycle-undertails/1998-2002-kawasaki-zx6r-zzr600-05-08-undertail-led-lights.html , this looks like it would fit on mine. the holes might not line up but you have to drill and put inserts in anyway so i'm thinking no big deal.

If its to wide or narrow then I don't want to get it.

last question tire hugger for 2003zx9r, I found one a while back can't seem to find another. If anyone can share there knowledge I would appreciate it thank you for your time and intellect:grin2:
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