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I recently bought a 1999 zx6. The bike had been setting up for 2 years, and had not been started. The guy that I bought it from just put new spark plugs in it about a month ago. I rode it before I bought it. It sputtered a little in the top end, but would otherwise fly. I figured all the sputtering and backfiring was due to old gas, and crud that had gotten into the carburator. The other day I ran out of gas, and now it won't start. Yesterday I took the tank and air filter off to get to the carburator. I've never done any carburator work before, so I was apprehensive about working on it. I took off the the plastic top parts of the carbs. On top off the #3 carb I found a little metal pin. It was just laying there on top. It was maybe an inch long and 3/16 in diameter. I called a bike mechanic friend of mine to ask what he thought it was. He had no idea. I put everything back together. He is going to pick it up today and hopefully fix it. Does anyone have any idea as to what could be wrong and/or what the heck that metal pin was?
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