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I was a member here a while ago but couldn't figure out my registration :banghead so this is a new registration and my first post as that person.

I'm selling my 1998 ZX11, it's black, has ~25k miles. It's treated me well but I've moved to a more comfy long distance bike.

It's been set up for LD touring and taken back to *mostly* stock.

In touring trim:

It's current config:

In it's stock form I'm looking to get: $3000.
It has near new Pilot Roads front and rear.
- Corbin Seat
- Lockhart speed screen

Optional goodies that I'm willing to sell seperately:
Givi WingRack $100, includes plate for top case as well.
Givi windshield (shown in top photo) $45
I have some e41 side cases that I *might part with* if someone's interested, if not I'll keep them to put on my new ride at some point.

It runs great, uses just a little oil between changes, but doesn't leak a drop.
I just installed 4 new carbs, they are in sync and it's ready to ride!.

Feel free to PM me or email me: matt(at)dishers(dot)com

Mechanically Zed is perfect, Cosmetically, well, it's nearly 10 years old and has been ridden and ridden well. I've commuted on this and completed a number of LD rides with it. The former (original owner) dropped it on the left side. All plastic was replaced but the left can is a little rashed. Both cans could use a good polish and shine.

I dropped it on the right side in my driveway taking it off the center stand, which broke the turn signal, and scratched that fairing. The right turn signal is currently held in with black duct tape. The tab that holds the screw is gone. I tried to epoxy it but that only lasted a few 1000 miles. To fix this you need to be better with epoxy than me, or you can pick up a new/used upper on ebay.

Other than that this bike is ready to ride!

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Wow, very decent price. I am pursuing another option right now, but if it falls through and this is still available I may just take you up on that offer.
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