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Hey all, im gauging interest in parting my 97 9R. Due to not being able to find a frame decently priced, I would like to see who needs what.I will sell the bike in parts as long as the engine is sold first. This bike is perfect mechanically. The only thing wrong with it is tweaked frame, cracked front wheel, and scratches on left fairing. Everything else excellent.Here is your chance to get a engine as they are VERY rare. These things stick out in my mind:
* 9R engine w/ all accessories and carbs 19k valve adjustment at 15k.
1) Chrome fairing stay
2) Chrome pegsets including shift linkage
3) chrome rear wheel - good tire I think its a 208
4) K&N and muzzy....I think its gutted b/c it screams and rashed a little.
5) smoked shield in great condition
No prices yet just seeing who needs/ wants what
Thanks -Josh
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