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Hello All,

I recently purchases a 95 ZX7 for a resto project. The bike was a runner but has a noise in the motor. It was last running on 20OCT2019 before i tore the bike down to start restoring it. I quickly realized this is a bigger project than i was looking for therefore i am going to part with it. The bike has a title. The bike has:

• Dark purple bodywork: Tank is in good shape, Rear panels are scratched but not cracked or broken. Side and front panels are the same
• Full Muzzy system with Round and oval can
• All part are there
• New Tires
• New cam chain tensioner

If you are near NH and want to take over this project, I’ll let the whole bike go for $1K. My other bike is a 15 Harley Street Glide which I am in the process of blacking out therefore I will trade for some Black SG parts. I’m also now in the market for a 94/95 ZX7 that’s a bit further along than mine.

Thanks for looking.
Eric 603-289-5911
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