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1995 ZX7 fuel pump conunueous pressurizing?

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Hey, everyone. I recently bought a 95 ZX7, and everything was fine, then I went out to ride it, and it had some problems starting. I figured it wasn't getting fuel, or the carbs were dirty. So, thoroughly cleaned the carbs, and the hoses. Nothing clogged, and the carbs were actually fairly clean. When i put everything back together, I went to turn it on.. and... The fuel pump kicked on, but never stopped trying to build pressure. What could be the problem?
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Check all the lines, and the filter.

To test the pump, use a bucket of fuel (kerosene is a better choice to be honest) and a couple of hoses. See if it pumps anything. Then kink the hose and see if it shuts off if it is in fact running.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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