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1994 Toyota Landcruiser FJZ80
188,000 miles
4.5L inline 6 cylinder
Full Time AWD
Factory electric lockers front and rear
New (less than 8k miles) 33" Toyo All Terrain Tires

If you're here, you probably know what you're looking at. The legendary FJZ80. This truck is one of the rare ones equipped with factory locking axles. Tires are almost brand new with less than 8k miles on them.

Recent maintenance:
Upon purchasing the truck, I did a lot of research on what needs to be done to them in the form of preventative maintenance of "baselining." I did the smart thing, and spent my "fun stuff" budget on this rather than a lift/bumper/winch/etc... If you don't know, these trucks have two known weakspots and those are the head gasket and the "PHH." So, I decided to replace those, along with everything else that was a "you might as well while you're in there" type of thing. So the new stuff includes:
New headgasket
New belts
New camchain tensioner
Pesky Heater Hose replaced (google this if you're not familiar with it... a crucial bit of preventative maintenance)
New intake and exhaust gaskets
New thermostat
Many new vacuum and cooling hoses
New fuel filter

OK, on to THE GOOD:
-The truck runs and drives very well. It's the smoothest truck I've ever owned. It's butter going down the highway.
-Heat and A/C work very well
-Sunroof works and doesn't leak
-Awesome winter vehicle... big size, new tires, AWD = you're not getting stuck

The bad:
-There is some minor rust, the worst (as pictured) is the rear passenger door seam. The frame is amazingly clean for a 20 year old truck. Tiny bit of surface rust bubbling on the rear hatch.
-Front power windows are getting slow... worse in cold weather
-Driver's seat is split
-radio antenna is busted off and reception is poor
-Check Engine light is on because the EGR system has been removed (runs cleaner, cooler, better without it)
-Back hatch currently won't open. Just started sticking. Not sure what's going on with it and plan to take a look at it over the holiday and see what's going on.
Coolant leak coming from the thermostat housing. Right now I'm just adding about half a gallon of coolant/water mix every few weeks to keep it topped off. I would say it leaks 2-3oz a day... It's an easy fix, it's just too damn cold for me to work on it right now.

I'm trying to be as accurate as possible in my description, so that there are no surprises. I drive the truck almost every day. I have a nearly new 2011 Dodge in the driveway that I should be driving more, because it's a lease... but I love the Cruiser and end up driving it anyway. It's reliable and it flat out kicks ass in the snow! Now, I know that there are some cruisers for sale in the $2500-$4000 range... but those typically have a lot more miles and no indication of any recent work being done. Knowing what I now know about the trucks, I wouldn't even consider buying one unless the head gasket and PHH have been replaced. It's a tough, time consuming job, but it's a ticking time bomb if you don't do it. Even if you don't buy mine, please use this knowledge as you continue your search. You will be glad you asked these questions!

Thanks and happy Cruiser hunting!


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Will trade for any of the following

1990-'91 GSXR-750 in blue/white only. May need to add some cash on your part, depending on miles/condition. For a straight up trade, I would expect it to be MINT with low miles..

1991-1994 ZX-7Rs

1996 ZX-7RR

FZR-750R (OW01)

Yamaha YZF-750 + about $3000

ZX-11D + about $3000

Ducati 916/996/998
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