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Hey guys im new to the forums...I was wondering if I could get some help on something. I want to stretch my zx11...its purley for aesthetics..I don't race or anything. Anyhow, Im not very mechanically inclined (working on that) and I want to put together a list of what I need for a stretch kit. Im having trouble finding any swingarm extensions for a 1990 zx11 C1..I think I've found a chain..an EK 525 ZZZ. Im wanting 6" of stretch so im guessing it will need 152 links and not 120 and I shouldnt have any trouble finding a 36" brake line. Basically all I need are the extentions, chain, and brake line right? If so does anyone know where I can find some extentions? I found some for a 93 zx 12 but am not sure if they are interchangable.

Thanks in advance and sorry for being such a noobie ><
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