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09 zx6r partout

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bike has 2900 miles... aftermarket parts
vortex rear sets
vortex clip ons
juicebox pro
righteous clutch lever e z pull
cage/sub cage
vortex sprocket
all the rest is stock

ask me any questions. As you can see the plastics are cut for the cage but other then that they are in good shape. everything else is ther the engine runs strong shifts perfect. COMPLETE PARTOUT

parts sold are
front wheel

call or text or pm
814 440 3425 Bill

clip ons - sold
gas cap- sold
clutch lever - sold
sub cage - sold
rear seat - sold
rear sets - SOLD
vortex chain and sprocket
hand brake set up- magura 13mm with caliper braket set up to accept front caliper/ custom res. block
juicebox pro - 150
cage - 100
calipers - 150
rotors - 110
ecu - 150
headlights - 250
speedo 2900K - 200
forks - 450 showa big piston forks... local pick up or you pay to ship
engine 2900K perfect shape w/ airbox and k&n filter - 1200 same as forks
dash panels - 40
nose fairing - SOLD
side fairings LEFT SOLD
radiator w/ fan - 200
coolant system
swingarm - 75
subframe - 125
rear wheel - SOLD
wire harness - 150
master cylinder w/ lever - 110
fuel pump - 50
regulator - 75
ignition w/ key - 45
05 zx6r key and lock set gas cap - 75
05 zx6r upper - 25

prices are less than any ebay item i can make some deals on some items. most prices have shipping included on the bigger things, they must be picked up or you pay shipping
many other parts just ask
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how much for the rear sets, ecu, front turn signals
Forgot to mention all lines are stainless also vortex gas cap and magura hydraulic hand brake set up
semi-interested in the vortex clip ons and gas cap, how much shipped (individual and if i were to buy both) to 77845?
The clip ons are pending but make offer shipped for the gas cap
Id do 30 shipped for the gas cap
does that come with the base or do you use the stock base?

Have a picture?
Yes it comes with a base. If you interested in parts please text or call it will go much faster that way and yes I do have a picture
How much for the rearsets?? Very interested....

Edit: shipped to 11211
that's a bad ass deal on rear sets! If I had the money, I'd be very tempted.

If anyone is wondering, the seller has GREAT communication. I've been texting him lately and he responds very quickly!
hopefully you ship as fast as you text :)
I try I do work a block away from the post office hahaha
well then you have no excuse:lol

any update on shipping?
Unfortunately, I've had to file a dispute with paypal against the seller. I still haven't received my item. I don't believe he's trying to screw me based off our dialogue, but I have to protect myself. Hopefully he will pull through for me.
Myself and another buyer have both had to start paypal disputes with this seller and still have not received contact from him. I wouldn't send him anything. Very disappointed.
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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