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Hi all,
Been lurking on here since I got my bike. Learned a lot from the posts on this issue.
Searched extensively and read the replies before posting this.

It seems like a relatively common experience amongst riders who have, at one point or another, experienced issues with the zx6r's bogging down /losing power at certain rev ranges.

1st: My bike;
2008 Zx6r (European Spec)
+- 16000 miles
Just been serviced (oil/plugs)
Aftermarket Clocks (Acewell digital tacho/speedo) - so unable to see/access fault codes
Bike was in a slide a few months back. No mechanicals. Fairings replaced.
Bike has been tracked.
Looks like the cat has been removed from the stock exhaust.
Hole in the tank was repaired with JB weld.
Condition of the tank inside is a bit suspect

So I have been having this issue since approx the same time as the tank repair.
It wasnt immediately obvious as some damage was done by bleeding the brakes incorrectly, which lead to seizing/complete locking up. (Eventually isolated the problem as being the aftermarket shorty levers, replaced with OEM levers -never locked up agai)

As I couldn't ride the bike with any confidence. .it took a while to notice the bike was feeling worse and worse trying to get any speed up.
The throttle cable itself is a bit worn.

Eventually the bike wouldn't do anything above 4 to 6k rpm. In any gear.
Infamous Valve Cover gasket issue was present. . Replaced it now at the last service.

Thinking that a fair degree of the problems would be less if the compression wasn't being lost.

Got my bike back from the service. Worse than ever.
Bogging down in every gear and barely moving.

This after the mechanic said it was the fuel pump and it was also replaced.

I checked the bike with what limited knowledge i have.
Inspected the lines and fuel connections.
Airbox also wasn't secured properly.
The outlet pipe at the rear of the tank also seemed to be kinked.

Anyway, after fastening all the above mentioned. . Test the bike and its like a completely new bike. Tearing through the gears and not bogging down at all..

A few miles down, the problem comes back .. got progressively worse.

I am sure that the injectors are dirty as fuel cleaners do help somewhat.

What I suspect mostly is that there is some venting issue with the tank that I don't know how to check ?
I have only one pipe at the rear of the tank and can't see anything else that is jammed.
Fuel will leak from the gas cap if the tank is upside down

The problem is mostly when the bike is now hot. Cold its less noticeable.

The oil that was changed at the service was very watery. It was showing well above the max line. So I drained it to just below the min level.

I have no idea what oil was used. The mechanic who worked on the bike is not very concerned that the bike is worse.. and id rather not burn more cash to fix things that aren't the problem.

How do I eliminate the problems if it is venting or the pressure not equalising inside the tank.

Is it more likely that there is dirt in the tank that is circulating and taking time to get into the tea bag filter?
If the only reason it is "improving" is (i imagine) that in lifting the tank and the fuel moving around that the dirt is moving off the filter. . But getting pulled through when the bike is running at speed?
The tank was absolutely bone dry whenI got it back.

Thanks for any inputs. . Trying to stay positive and not sell the bike off as some "special project" for someone else to fix 馃檪

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Rebuilt gas cap after cleaning up the pieces. ..
Fixed the routing of overflow hose..

Different bike...

Mech messed up the valve cover gasket fitment. .leaking more oil than it was before the replacement part from kawasaki.

Lost bolts, airbox not sealed, list is endless. .

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It鈥檚 my bike that鈥檚 being discussed..

Since this post..
Kickstand switch was bypassed and the overflow pipe properly routed

All bogging Down issues gone ..

It still seems to periodically have a bit of a flat spot.. this is almost always when the tank has been over filled..
The timing chain was also done ..
The bike is sluggish again after being knocked over while I was in a meeting..
Snapped the mirror clean off and it鈥檚 was on its side for quite a while
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