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Front Fender OEM Black minor scratches $40

Lower Triple Tree $80

Front Brake Calipers with brake pads and galfer brake lines $200

Crankshaft w/ connecting rods pistons & rings $300

Inner and outer clutch basket $200

Complete aftermarket clutch $80

Water pump $60

Flywheel Magneto $80

Stator $120

Regulator Rectifier $80

Starter Motor $ 60

ECU Cdi Computer Box $ 200

Starter Relay $25

Rear Stock Taillight $ 30

Rear Subframe $225

Stock kick stand $40

Front Seat minor tear $40

Rear passenger seat $60

Complete left front driver rear set $60

Air Duct $40

Complete stock full exhaust $150

All parts are in great shape, bike was parted out only had 5000 miles. If interested send me an email @ [email protected], I will respond back asap with pictures. Prices are plus shipping. Paypal verified.

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Do you know the difference between the zx6r front wheel an the 10? I am in need of a front badly

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I am looking for a damaged or otherwise unwanted 10R fender to cut up to make an extension for the rear of the 10R fender on my ZX-14. $50 is a bit rich for my blood and your fender is probably too good and valuable to let go for less.
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