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So here's the deal. I bought an 06 636 used with 4300 miles on it. The guy before me kept it pretty stock but installed some neons on it. After getting the bike home and looking through it I noticed that some of the wiring on the neons were a little fried around the main wiring harness. Didn't think too much of it because the bike was running great and I didn't plan on using the neon's. Anyway last summer I power washed my bike (stupid I know) and took it out for a ride. The FI light popped up during the ride and throttle stuck at about 3k when I would come to a stop. Checked the code and it read it was Throttle position sensors both main and secondary. So i replaced both sensors and nothing. Took it to the dealer and they said it was the throttle body. Changed that out with an 05' used throttle body. Problem was still there. So I completely replaced the wiring harness in the bike thinking that the neons had fried some of the wires in the harness. Once again problem still there.

So here's what I've done to the bike:
replaced wiring harness
installed an 05' throttle body
New main and secondary throttle position sensors
replaced fuel pump
new spark plugs
muzzy slip-on exhaust
integrated tail light
servo-buddy - to remove bulky servo motor
undertail license plate mod

I'm at a loss for what the problem is. I'm thinking it's one of 3 things or all of these:

throttle body needs synced
new spark plug coils - 3 of mine were out of spec but not by much
new ECU - thinking something could have messed up after washing it

I'm running out of options and dealer is going to be $$$$.

As of right now I can start the bike and it will ride fine at take off, at about
7k rpm the bike bucks to about 9500 rpm and after it hits power band it runs great. After I get on it and come to a stop the bike dies on me. NO CODES are thrown, FI light stays off. It's getting nice out and I don't want another summer with a big paper weight in my garage.
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