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WARNING: This modification to the 2004/2005 ZX10R rear suspension not recommended if you carry a passenger on your motorcycle. This mod changes the ratio of the swing arm movement to shock movement. This makes the ratio more linear, less exponential than stock. This mod makes the shock damping more consistent through out the rear suspension travel. The stock linkage was designed to deal with a rider and passenger. This mod works better with a rider only. Your results may vary.

You need the dog bone [rocker arm] from and 2005 636 [ZX6R] not the 600 [ZX6RR]. The ZX6RR uses a different part than the 636. You also need the tie rods from the 636 [marked 0018] which are slightly shorter than the ZX10R parts. You can use the stock ZX10R tie rods but you will shorten the rear ride height by 10 mm at the axle. The 636 tie rods maintain the original ride height with the new rocker arm. The tie rods and rocker arm are a straight bolt on. If you have an after market shock you may want to go down one spring rate on the shock, i.e. 10.0 kg/mm to 9.5 kg/mm.
This mod is used by several European race teams if the rules allow it.
Pictures attached.
The ZX10R parts are on the left and the ZX6R parts are on the right in the first picture.

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